Roxane-Marie • BARTHELEMY
Maître de Conférences (MCF F) • Affiliation : Aix-Marseille Université (AMU)
Site : Saint-Charles • Bureau : • Etage du bureau : •


Groupe(s) scientifiques(s) de l'utilisateur :
Thématiques scientifiques : Aucun·e

Publications HAL

2019/06 International Journal of Zoology Studies - Possible functionality of start and stop codons present at specific and conserved positions in animal mitochondrial genes specifying tRNA

2019/02 International Journal of Fauna and Biological Studies - Progress in the knowledge of the phylogeny of theChaetognatha needs both molecular biology and zoology

2019/01 Virology: Current Research - Serendipitous Discovery in a Marine Invertebrate (Phylum Chaetognatha) of the Longest Giant Viruses Reported till Date

2019/01 Journal of Entomology and Zoology Studies - Specific mitochondrial ss-tRNAs in phylum Chaetognatha

2018/10 - True Mitochondrial tRNA Punctuation and Initiation Using Overlapping Stop and Start Codons at Specific and Conserved Positions

2016/04 Computational Biology and Chemistry - Cryptic tRNAs in chaetognath mitochondrial genomes

2013/08 Nature - Genomic evidence for ameiotic evolution in the bdelloid rotifer Adineta vaga

2012/01 Hypotheses in the Life Sciences - Chaetognaths feed primarily on dissolved and fine particulate organic matter, not on prey: implications for marine food webs

2008/01 - A Possible Relationship Between the Phylogenetic Branch Lengths and the Chaetognath rRNA Paralog Gene Functionalities : Ubiquitous, Tissue-Specific or Pseudogenes.

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