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Site : Château-Gombert (CMI) • Bureau : R221 • Etage du bureau : 2 •


Groupe(s) scientifiques(s) de l'utilisateur :

Rechercher mots clef :
    Triangle Free groups Spherical averages Markov operators Ergodic theorems Grenoble Eem2018

Thématiques scientifiques :
  • Symbolic dynamic systems
  • Measured dynamic systems
  • Geometric dynamic systems

Publications HAL

2021/03 - Tiling billiards and Dynnikov's helicoid

2021/01 Transactions of the American Mathematical Society - Automorphisms of compact K\"ahler manifolds with slow dynamics

2020/12 - Free actions of large groups on complex threefolds

2019/10 - Trees and flowers on a billiard table

2019/01 Experimental Mathematics - Triangle tiling billiards and the exceptional family of their escaping trajectories: circumcenters and Rauzy gasket

2018/12 Arnold Mathematical Journal - Epicycles in hyperbolic sky

2018/06 - O. Paris-Romaskevich - Triangle tiling billiards : a hopscotch guided by an interval exchange transformation with flips

2016/01 Journal of Dynamical and Control Systems - Sternberg Linearization Theorem for Skew Products

2016/01 Geometriae Dedicata - Mean convergence of Markovian spherical averages for measure-preserving actions of the free group

2014/01 L'Enseignement Mathématique - On the incenters of triangular orbits on elliptic billiards

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