SL(2,C)-character varieties of knots and maps of degree 1

Universität Regensburg

Date(s) : 06/12/2021   iCal
14 h 00 min - 15 h 00 min

We ask to what extend the SL(2,C)-character variety of the fundamental group of the complement of a knot in S^3 determines the knot. Our methods use results from group theory, classical 3-manifold topology, but also geometric input in two ways: the geometrisation theorem for 3-manifolds, and instanton gauge theory. In particular this is connected to SU(2)-character varieties of two-component links, a topic where much less is known than in the case of knots. This is joint work with Michel Boileau, Teruaki Kitano, and Steven Sivek.

Site Nord, CMI, Salle de Séminaire R164 (1er étage)


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