Efficient resolution of Thue-Mahler equations (reporté)

Adela Gherga
University of Warwick

Date(s) : 08/12/2022   iCal
12 h 00 min - 13 h 00 min

Let F be a homogenous irreducible form of degree at least 3 with integer coefficients. A Thue-Mahler equation is a Diophantine equation of the form  F(X,Y) = a . p1z1  … pvzv  where a is an integer and  p1,…, pv  are rational primes. To explicitly solve these equations when the degree and set of primes is small, there exists a practical method of Tzanakis-de Weger using linear forms in logarithms. We give new lattice sieving techniques and a refined algorithm capable of resolving Thue-Mahler equations with high-degree and large prime sets. In this talk, we describe our refined implementation of this method and discuss the key steps used in our algorithm.

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Nous nous retrouverons à la FRUMAM pour assister ensemble à l’exposé.

FRUMAM, St Charles (3ème étage)


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