Interdisciplinary online seminar series on Biolocomotion

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Nature Séminaire virtuel interdisciplinaire de l’ANR AIFIT
Responsables Prof. Kai Schneider, I2M, Aix-Marseille Université
Dr. Thomas Engels, TU Berlin
Prof. Fritz-Olaf Lehmann, Universität Rostock
Universités de rattachement Aix-Marseille Université (I2M, France)
Universität Rostock (Allemagne)
Fréquence Hebdomadaire (depuis le 15/04/2020)
Jour-Horaire Jeudi / Thursday, 14h-15h (or 16h-17h)

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Évènements passés / Past talks

2023-03-23Aimie BergerTitle to be announced (POSTPONED)
2023-03-16Lucia BergantinRobotic models for the honeybee visual odometer
2023-01-26Daniel RobertThe bee, the flower and the Coulomb force
2023-01-19Basil el JundiUnravelling the migratory compass of monarch butterflies
2022-12-15Eberhard Bodenschatz / Bardia HejaziHoneybees modify flight trajectories in turbulent wind
2022-12-01Jon Harrison / Meghan Duell / Jordan GlassThe effect of body size and temperature on flight metabolic rate and wing kinematics in bees
2022-11-24Andy PhilippidesInsect-inspired visual navigation: lessons from small brains
2022-11-17John S. AllenExperimental and computational investigation of aero-acoustics of flying beetles
2022-04-20Sergey FARISENKOV et al.(Postponed to 2023) Novel flight style and light wings boost flight performance of tiny beetles
2022-04-13Barbara WEBBModelling locomotor dynamics in Drosophila larvae
2022-03-30Karen MULLENERSFlying high and efficiently through parameter space
2022-03-23Arion PonsElasticity, Energy, and Nonlinear Resonance in Insects and FW-MAVs
2022-03-09Per HENNINGSSON(Postponed) To be confirmed
2022-03-09Iain D. COUZINGeometrical Principles of Decision-Making on the Move
2022-02-23Ignazio Maria VIOLAFly like a dandelion
2022-02-09Amy LANGSharks and Butterflies: Micro-Sized Surfaces for Flow Control
2022-01-12David W. MURPHYFlapping flight in air and water: Bio-inspiration from tiny insects and sea butterflies
2021-12-22Anne E. STAPLESModeling circulation in a microfluidic insect wing replica
2021-12-15Olivier THOMASA fully flexible vibrating wing nano-drone: resonant concepts and results
2021-12-08Jong-Seob HANLeading-edge vortex of flapping wings in freestream
2021-10-20Victor COLOGNESINumerical simulation of bird flapping flight
2021-10-13Makoto IimaPhase reduction technique on oscillating flows towards to analysis of flapping flight
2021-10-06Eva KansoThe Sea Star Bounce (POSTPONED)
2021-09-22Mark JankauskiDynamics and Vibrations of Flapping Wing Insects
2021-09-15Long ChenLeading-edge Vortex Formation and Stability: A Vorticity Transport Perspective
2021-09-08Graham TaylorHow are insect sensory systems matched to their flight mechanics?
2021-06-16Hiroto TanakaPenguin-mimetic flapping-wing propulsion
2021-06-09Holk CruseneuroWalknet, a decentralized, context sensitive controller to explain insect walking
2021-06-02Thomas SteinmannSingularity of the water strider propulsion mechanisms
2021-05-12Anna StöcklFlower tracking performance in hawkmoths – the role of sensory cues and wing damage
2021-04-28Volker DürrFlexibility of insect walking behaviour: the significance of body posture and spatial coordination
2021-04-14Xiaohui LiuAerodynamics of dragonfly flight: impact of wing kinematics and morphology
2021-03-24Hung TruongAerodynamics of insect flight and modelling of wing flexibility
2021-03-10Harald WolfNavigation in desert ants : odometry and path integration
2021-02-24Laura MillerUsing computational fluid dynamics to understand jellyfish swimming and feeding - Laura Miller
2021-02-12Gordon Freemantest de l\'unreal engine
2021-02-10Mourad Jaffar-BandjeeOdor capture by pectinate antennae - Mourad Jaffar-Bandjee
2021-02-03Shantanu BhatAn alternate length scale for the Reynolds- and Rossby numbers in the context of insect wings - Shantanu Bhat
2021-01-27Kunihiko TairaTackling the complex vortex dynamics around wings with simulation, modeling, and control - Kunihiko Taira
2021-01-20Stéphane ViolletAerial righting reflex in hoverflies and gravity perception - Stéphane Viollet
2020-12-16Julien SerresNavigation possibilities without GPS or 5G: the AntBot solution - Julien Serres
2020-12-09Víctor M. Ortega JiménezAnimals flying through waterfalls and other multiphase flows - Víctor M. Ortega Jiménez
2020-11-25Ru XuIntermittent control strategy can enhance the stabilization robustness in bumblebee hovering - Ru Xu
2020-11-11Sridhar RaviVisually guided strategies for flight through cluttered environments in insects - Sridhar Ravi
2020-10-28Chandan BoseDynamical analysis of the unsteady flow phenomena around a flapping wing - Chandan Bose
2020-10-21Liang LiRobotic fish: from bio-inspiration to bio-understanding - Liang Li
2020-10-14Changes in bird wing shape with glide speed
2020-10-07Title to be announced - Franck Ruffier
2020-09-23Ramiro Godoy-DianaFish and fish-like swimming interactions
2020-09-16Johann HéraultStrategies of locomotion for anguilliform aquatic robots: from model-based control laws to bio-inspired complex network of oscillators
2020-09-09Henja-Niniane WehmannInsect wing flexibility with an emphasis on flies
2020-09-09Gianmarco DucciStability and sensitivity analysis of bird flight
2020-07-22Surprising tradeoffs and consequences of locomotion in simple, enigmatic marine animals
2020-07-15Title to be announced
2020-07-08Fly Walking on the Ceiling: Animal Attachment Devices and Biologically-Inspired Reversible Adhesives
2020-07-01Numerical simulations of a butterfly-like flapping wing-body model: effects of wing planform, mass, and flexibility
2020-06-24The insect exoskeleton – a versatile tool for locomotion
2020-06-17Maneuvering flight in flies and robots
2020-06-10Bio-inspired actuation and aquatic locomotion using piezoelectric materials
2020-05-27Fish-like locomotion using bio-inspired plates
2020-04-29Quantitative estimates in the fluid dynamics of bristled wings of small insects
2020-04-15Truong HungModelling of flexible insect wings using mass-spring system


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