Évènements à venir / Upcoming events

2023-09-25 WorkshopRandom Energy Model and Random Complex Functions
2023-09-26 WorkshopGANDA - Geometry AND Arithmetric in Marseille


Évènements passés / Past events

2023-09-11WorkshopRenormalization, computation and visualization in Geometry, Number Theory and Dynamics (Morlet Chair - Jayadev Athreya)
2023-05-02WorkshopMathematical Foundations of Machine Learning
2023-04-17WorkshopLes Cigales 2023, une semaine autour des mathématiques pour les lycéennes (édition de Printemps)
2023-04-03WorkshopDensity problems in Arithmetic (Morlet Chair - Peter Stevenhagen )
2023-02-20WorkshopDiscovery of research for women students Maths C pour L
2023-02-15WorkshopJournées Scalp au CIRM
2023-01-30WorkshopTopology BTW 3: Morse theory and applications
2023-01-23WorkshopKeller-Segel fluid systems on non-smooth domains (Morlet Chair – Matthias Hieber)
2022-12-05WorkshopTIFREFUS: Time-frequency representations in functions spaces
2022-11-28WorkshopSpectral analysis of Dirac operators
2022-12-06WorkshopTowards a Linear Logic Handbook
2022-11-28WorkshopInverse Problems and Related Fields (IPRF 2022)
2022-11-02WorkshopCombinatorics of finite-index subgroups
2022-10-31WorkshopLes Cigales 2022, une semaine autour des mathématiques pour les lycéennes (édition de la Toussaint)
2022-10-24WorkshopComputational Methods for Unifying Multiple Statistical Analyses (Fusion)
2022-10-17WorkshopDiscrete Duality Finite Volume Method and Applications (Morlet Chair - Martin Gander)
2022-08-08WorkshopBuilding Bridges 5th EU/US Summer School and Workshop on Automorphic Forms and Related Topics (BB5 2022)
2022-06-09WorkshopSequential algorithms and friends
2022-05-30WorkshopNew trends in control and stabilization (ANR TRECOS)
2022-05-09WorkshopRepresentation of prime numbers (ANR ArithRand)
2022-04-25WorkshopAnalysis of nematic liquid crystals flows (Morlet Chair - Matthias Hieber)
2022-04-11WorkshopFluid dynamics, from the non-local to the local Navier-Stokes-Korteweg system (ANR INFAMIE)
2022-01-10WorkshopPeriods, functoriality and L-functions
2021-12-06WorkshopDensity Estimates and Additive Combinatorics
2021-11-22WorkshopTrisections and symplectic structures on smooth 4-manifolds & Higher dimensional generalizations (ANR SyTriQ)
2021-11-22WorkshopInverse Problems and Related Fields (IPRF 2021)
2021-11-15WorkshopYoung researchers meeting of the GDR Platon
2021-11-06WorkshopBranched transport and network formation in biology
2021-11-04WorkshopNumerical Analysis of Stochastic Partial Differential Equations (NASPDE)
2021-10-25WorkshopLes Cigales 2021, une semaine autour des mathématiques
2021-08-31WorkshopThematic day of Applied Analysis: Porous media: interface and upscaling problems in porous-fluid flows
2021-07-12WorkshopsAutomata & WAN 2021
2021-07-05WorkshopLipschitz Geometry: New Methods and Applications (Morlet Chair-Javier Fernandez de Bodadilla)
2021-06-21WorkshopEigenvalues repartitions for magnetic Schrödinger and Dirac operators
2021-06-14WorkshopNumerical Methods for Kinetic Equations 'NumKin21' (Morlet Chair - Shi Jin)
2021-05-31WorkshopO-minimality and foliations
2021-02-08WorkshopHomological and Quantum Invariants
2021-02-04WorkshopDiscrepancy Theory and Applications part 2 (Morlet Chair - Robert Tichy)
2020-11-30WorkshopDiscrepancy Theory and Applications part 1 (Morlet Chair - Robert Tichy)
2020-11-09WorkshopStudy of relativistic quantum systems (cancelled)
2020-11-09WorkshopAnnual Conference of the GDR AFHP
2020-10-26WorkshopTiling, Recurrence and Number Theory
2020-10-19WorkshopLes Cigales 2020, une semaine autour des mathématiques
2020-10-01WorkshopTrisections and symplectic structures on smooth 4-manifolds & Higher dimensional generalizations (ANR SyTriQ)
2020-09-28WorkshopLiens entre trisections et topologie symplectique et sur les quadrisections des variétés de dimension 5
2020-09-07WorkshopRandom Interlacements and Folding (cancelled)
2020-07-13Workshop(Postponed) Building Bridges 5th - EU/US Workshop on Automorphic Forms and Related Topics (BB5)
2020-05-29WorkshopTrisections and symplectic structures on smooth 4-manifolds & Higher dimensional generalizations (ANR SyTriQ)
2020-04-06WorkshopVarieties with Trivial Canonical Class (Morlet Chair - Jorge Vitorio Pereira)
2020-01-22WorkshopDynamics of Punctual Processes
2019-11-04WorkshopCell biology by the Numbers with Rob Phillips (CENTURI for biologists)
2019-11-07WorkshopProblèmes inverses et domaines associés (7ème édition) / Inverse Problems and Related Fields '19
2019-10-28WorkshopLes Cigales 2019, une semaine autour des mathématiques
2019-09-18WorkshopRealizability Workshop 2019 (Rencontre de Réalisabilité)
2019-06-24WorkshopIntegrability and Nonlinear Dispersive Equations (Morlet Chair - Tamara Grava)
2019-06-11WorkshopInternational Workshop on Wavelets & CFD (SSeMID)
2019-06-03WorkshopWorkshop on Nash Blow-up and Semple Tower II
2019-06-06WorkshopMultiphase turbulence and statistical modeling: experiments, simulations and geophysical applications
2019-06-03WorkshopLipschitz Geometry of Singularities (LISA 2019)
2018-12-11WorkshopGeometry and Arithmetic of Orbifolds (GAO 2018) - Géométrie et Arithmétique des Orbifolds
2018-11-23WorkshopYoung Bayesians and Big Data for Social Good (Morlet Chair Kerrie Mengersen)
2018-11-19WorkshopiTWIST: international Traveling Workshop on Interactions between low-complexity data models and Sensing Techniques (4th edition)
2018-11-15WorkshopProblèmes inverses et domaines associés (6ème édition)
2018-10-21WorkshopLipschitz Geometry of Singularities (LISA 2018)
2018-07-09WorkshopMathematical Perspectives in the Biology and Therapeutics of Cancer
2018-06-18WorkshopBoundaries of Groups (Morlet Chair Genevieve Walsh)
2018-05-23WorkshopThe Annual Meeting of LISA: Lipschitz Geometry of Singularities (ANR LISA 2018)
2018-04-23WorkshopFluctuation-dissipation relations and Einstein relations for stochastic dynamics and random media (ANR MALIN)
2018-03-26WorkshopDynamics of point processes with correlation functions given by explicit formulas
2018-02-05WorkshopWorkshop on Nash Blow-up and Semple Tower
2017-11-23WorkshopProblèmes inverses et domaines associés (5ème édition)
2017-10-10WorkshopMathematical Feelings of Space
2017-09-25WorkshopThe Chaotic properties of the point processes
2017-05-08WorkshopProfinite groups and topology
2016-11-24WorkshopProblèmes inverses et domaines associés (4ème édition)
2016-11-03WorkshopAsynchronous dynamics of logical models: assessing properties biologically relevant (CoLoMoTo 2016)
2016-05-08WorkshopAlgebra, Geometry and Topology of Singularities
2016-05-05WorkshopErgodic Theory (ERC IChaos/AMIDEX), Carry-le-Rouet
2016-02-08WorkshopMathematical Statistics and Inverse Problems (Thematic Month 2016)
2016-01-18WorkshopFluides compressibles (NS'COMP 2016)
2015-12-07WorkshopPresent challenges of mathematics in oncology and biology of cancer (Math-Cancer 2015)
2015-12-03WorkshopProblèmes inverses et domaines associés (3ème édition)
2015-10-09WorkshopAtelier de vérification de schémas pour la simulation des modèles diphasiques
2015-06-24WorkshopThird Workshop on Diffeology
2015-06-22WorkshopTopologie en Petite Dimension (ANR VasKho)
2015-04-13WorkshopGeometric and Spectral Analysis
2015-01-23Workshop30 Years of Wavelets: Impact and Future (Morlet Chair - Hans-Georg Feichtinger)
2014-11-27WorkshopProblèmes inverses et domaines associés (GdT GOMS)
2014-09-03WorkshopComputational Time-Frequency and Coorbit Theory (ANR MétaSon, Morlet Chair - Hans-Georg Feichtinger)
2014-07-14WorkshopPseudo-Randomness in Number Theory (Morlet Chair Igor Shparlinski)
2014-02-24WorkshopFrobenius distributions on curves (II) (Thematic Month 2014, Morlet Chair Igor Shparlinski)
2014-02-10WorkshopPrime numbers : new perspectives (Thematic Month 2014)

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