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2023-02-27ConferenceCOUNT 2023 - COmputations and their Uses in Number Theory
2022-02-21ConferenceLogic and higher structures (Thematic Month 2022)
2022-02-14ConferenceLogic, databases and complexity: new methods and challenges (Thematic Month 2022)
2022-01-31ConferenceLogic of Probabilistic Programming (Thematic Month 2022)
2021-01-25MonthMathematics for Signals, Images and Structured Data (Thematic Month 2021) CANCELLED
2020-02-24ConferenceMathematics of Complex Systems in Biology and Medicine (Thematic Month 2020)
2020-02-17ConferenceMathematical Modeling and Statistical Analysis of Infectious Disease Outbreaks (Thematic Month 2020)
2020-02-10ConferenceMathematical Models in Evolutionary Biology (Thematic Month 2020)
2018-02-19ConferenceGeometry of Groups and 3-manifolds: State of the Art and Perspectives (Thematic Month 2018)
2018-02-12ConferenceKnotted Embeddings in Dimensions 3 and 4 (Thematic Month 2018)
2018-01-29ConferenceRepresentation Spaces, Teichmüller Theory, and their Relationship with 3-manifolds from the Classical and Quantum Viewpoints (Thematic Month 2018)
2017-02-27ConferenceRandom Matrices and Determinantal Process (Thematic Month 2017)
2017-02-20ConferenceNon Uniformly Hyperbolic Dynamical Systems. Coupling and Renewal Theory (Thematic Month 2017)
2017-02-13ConferenceTeichmüller Space, Polygonal Billiard, Interval Exchanges (Thematic Month 2017)
2016-02-15ConferenceProcess (Thematic Month 2016)
2016-02-01ConferenceStatistical learning (Thematic Month 2016)
2015-03-02ConferenceGeometry of Singular Spaces and Maps (Thematic Month 2015)
2015-02-23ConferenceLocal and Global Invariants of Singularities (Thematic Month 2015)
2015-02-16ConferenceReal Singularities and Applications (Thematic Month 2015)
2015-02-02ConferenceApplications of Artin Approximation in Singularity Theory (Thematic Month 2015)
2014-02-03ConferenceUnlikely Intersections (Thematic Month 2014, Morlet Chair Igor Shparlinski)

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