Manifestations scientifiques




Past events

2021-12-06WorkshopDensity Estimates and Additive Combinatorics
2021-12-13ConferenceMeeting in Mathematical Statistics
2021-11-15PairsConvex Real Projective Structures
2021-11-22ConferenceFaces of Singularity Theory (Morlet Chair - Javier Fernandez de Bodadilla)
2021-11-15WorkshopYoung researchers meeting of the GDR Platon
2021-11-04WorkshopNumerical Analysis of Stochastic Partial Differential Equations (NASPDE)
2021-10-25PairsNon-Archimedean Methods in Lipschitz Geometry 2 (Morlet Chair -Javier Fernandez de Bodadilla)
2021-10-25WorkshopLes Cigales 2021, une semaine autour des mathématiques
2021-10-21JournéesHigh-Dimensional Data Analysis
2021-09-29ConferenceSingularity Theory and Regular Stratifications (on the occasion of the retirement of David Trotman)
2021-09-20ConferenceAdvancing Bridges in Complex Dynamics
2021-09-13PairsFloer and Symplectic Homology and Contact Loci in Arc Spaces (Morlet Chair - Javier Fernandez de Bodadilla)
2021-08-30PairsGeneralised coupling conditions for arbitrary flow directions at the fluid--porous interface - CANCELLED
2021-09-06SchoolMilnor Fibrations, Degenerations and Deformations from Modern Perspectives (Morlet Chair -Javier Fernandez de Bodadilla)
2021-08-30School4th Summer School of the Institute for Language, Communication and the Brain
2021-09-03JournéeAccueil pour les étudiants du M1 MAAP
2021-08-31WorkshopThematic day of Applied Analysis: Porous media: interface and upscaling problems in porous-fluid flows
2021-07-12WorkshopsAutomata & WAN 2021
2021-07-05WorkshopLipschitz Geometry: New Methods and Applications (Morlet Chair-Javier Fernandez de Bodadilla)
2021-06-21WorkshopEigenvalues repartitions for magnetic Schrödinger and Dirac operators
2021-06-28PairsNon-Archimedean Methods in Lipschitz Geometry 1 (Morlet Chair -Javier Fernandez de Bodadilla)
2021-06-23JournéeSystèmes Dynamiques Avignon-Marseille (SDAM 2021)
2021-06-23JournéeJournée ANR BMWs
2021-06-14WorkshopNumerical Methods for Kinetic Equations 'NumKin21' (Morlet Chair - Shi Jin)
2021-06-07PairsGyrokinetic Models : Analysis and Computation (Morlet Chair - Shi Jin) CANCELLED
2021-05-31ConferenceArithmetic, Geometry, Cryptography and Coding Theory (AGC2T-18)
2021-05-31WorkshopO-minimality and foliations
2021-05-24ConferenceRelative Aspects of the Langlands Program, L-Functions and Beyond Endoscopy
2021-04-19PairsTropical Representations of Monoids and Matroids - CANCELLED
2021-04-05PairsGeneralised coupling conditions for arbitrary flow directions at the fluid-porous interface - CANCELLED
2021-04-12ConferenceRecent Progress on Random Walks
2021-04-08ForumAMUSEC 2021 (Aix-Marseille Forum on Cybersecurity - 5th edition)
2021-03-22ConferenceKinetic Equations: From Modeling Computation to Analysis (Morlet Chair - Shi Jin)
2021-03-08PairsMean-field Limit and Computation in Kinetic Theory (Morlet Chair - Shi Jin) - POSTPONED
2021-01-25MonthMathematics for Signals, Images and Structured Data (Thematic Month 2021) CANCELLED
2021-02-08WorkshopHomological and Quantum Invariants
2021-02-04PairsMultiplicativity and Randomness part 2 (Morlet Chair - Robert Tichy)
2021-02-04WorkshopDiscrepancy Theory and Applications part 2 (Morlet Chair - Robert Tichy)
2021-01-25SchoolMathematics, Signal Processing and Learning
2021-01-29SchoolMaster Class: Applied Mathematics CEPS
2021-01-18SchoolScaling Limits from Microscopic to Macroscopic Physics (Chaire Morlet-Shi Jin)
2021-01-20RencontreRencontre ANR BMWs


2020-12-21ConferenceSt.Petersburg Youth Conference on Probability and Mathematical Physics
2020-11-30WorkshopDiscrepancy Theory and Applications part 1 (Morlet Chair - Robert Tichy)
2020-11-23ConferenceDiophantine Problems, Determinism and Randomness (Morlet Chair - Robert Tichy)
2020-11-09WorkshopStudy of relativistic quantum systems (cancelled)
2020-11-09WorkshopAnnual Conference of the GDR AFHP
2020-11-02SchoolQuasi-Monte Carlo Methods and Applications (Morlet Chair - Robert Tichy)
2020-10-26WorkshopTiling, Recurrence and Number Theory
2020-10-19WorkshopLes Cigales 2020, une semaine autour des mathématiques
2020-09-14PairsFourier-Eigenfunctions and Modular Forms (Morlet Chair - Robert Tichy)
2020-09-28WorkshopLiens entre trisections et topologie symplectique et sur les quadrisections des variétés de dimension 5
2020-10-01WorkshopTrisections and symplectic structures on smooth 4-manifolds & Higher dimensional generalizations (ANR SyTriQ)
2020-09-07WorkshopRandom Interlacements and Folding (cancelled)
2020-08-31School3rd Summer School of the Institute for Language, Communication and the Brain
2020-07-20SchoolSummer School - Models and Numerical Methods for Particle and Population Dynamics (cancelled)
2020-07-13WorkshopBuilding Bridges 5th - EU/US Workshop on Automorphic Forms and Related Topics (BB5)
2020-07-06SchoolBuilding Bridges 5th - EU/US Summer School on Automorphic Forms and Related Topics (BB5)
2020-07-06SchoolEuro-Maghreb Workshop on Evolution Equations and Applications (Cancelled)
2020-06-12ColloquiumLe transport optimal (par Gabriel PEYRÉ)
2020-06-12JournéeRéseaux d'automates (ANR FANs)
2020-05-29WorkshopTrisections and symplectic structures on smooth 4-manifolds & Higher dimensional generalizations (ANR SyTriQ)
2020-05-18SchoolGeometry and Dynamics of Foliations (Morlet Chair - Jorge Vitorio Pereira)
2020-05-19JournéesAnalyse Appliquée Nice-Toulon-Marseille 2020
2020-05-11ConferenceYACCRYPTED 2020 - International Conference on Cryptography (cancelled)
2020-05-15ColloquiumMathematical analysis of nonlinear waves (by Nikolay TZVETKOV)
2020-04-06WorkshopVarieties with Trivial Canonical Class (Morlet Chair - Jorge Vitorio Pereira)
2020-03-30SchoolMaster Class: Introduction to dynamical systems (cancelled)
2020-03-20ColloquiumSignature(s) des groupes de Cremona (par Stéphane LAMY)
2020-03-13ColloquiumMathematical logic (by Yuri MATIYASEVICH)
2020-03-02SchoolNetworks and molecular biology (Thematic Month 2020)
2020-02-24ConferenceMathematics of Complex Systems in Biology and Medicine (Thematic Month 2020)
2020-02-17ConferenceMathematical Modeling and Statistical Analysis of Infectious Disease Outbreaks (Thematic Month 2020)
2020-02-10ConferenceMathematical Models in Evolutionary Biology (Thematic Month 2020)
2020-02-14ColloquiumUne vision évolutive du cancer, avec des perspectives thérapeutiques prenant en compte la résistance aux médicaments (par Jean CLAIRAMBAULT)
2020-02-03PairsGeneralized Arnoux-Rauzy Induction and Fully-Flipped Interval Exchange Transformations
2020-02-03SchoolPDE and Probability for Biology (Thematic Month 2020)
2020-02-07JournéeJournée Mathématiques de l’Aléatoire (ALEA) 2020
2020-01-22WorkshopDynamics of Punctual Processes
2020-01-31SchoolMaster Class: Applied Mathematics CEPS: Mathematics for environment and physics
2020-01-28JournéeLes Équations Cinétiques
2020-01-13ConferenceSpectra, Algorithms and Random Walks on Random Networks
2020-01-17ColloquiumQuantitative diagonalizability (by Nikhil SRIVASTAVA)
2020-01-10JournéeJournée bi-annuelle de l’équipe Probabilités 2020


2019-12-16ConferenceRencontres de Statistique Mathématique 2019
2019-12-13ColloquiumSignature(s) des groupes de Cremona (par Stéphane LAMY)
2019-12-09ConferenceThermodynamic Formalism: Dynamical Systems, Statistical Properties and their Applications (Morlet Chair - Mark Pollicott)
2019-12-06JournéeJournée de l'équipe ALEA-PROBA 2019
2019-12-02ConferenceZeta Functions
2019-12-02JournéeJournée thématique Analyse Appliquée 2019
2019-11-22JournéeFourth CENTURI day
2019-11-14JournéeJournées Thématiques du Signal
2019-11-14RencontreNetworks of Automata and Uses of Time
2019-11-04WorkshopCell biology by the Numbers with Rob Phillips (CENTURI for biologists)
2019-11-07WorkshopProblèmes inverses et domaines associés (7ème édition) / Inverse Problems and Related Fields '19
2019-11-04ConferencePrime Numbers, Determinism and Pseudorandomness in Memoriam of Christian Mauduit
2019-11-07JournéeJournée annuelle du GT Bioss (2019, 5ème édition)
2019-10-28WorkshopLes Cigales 2019, une semaine autour des mathématiques
2019-10-16JournéesLogique, Homotopie, Catégories (LHC 2019)
2019-10-03ForumAMUSEC 2019 (Aix-Marseille Forum on Cybersecurity - 4th edition)
2019-09-23SchoolInhomogeneous Flows: Asymptotic Models and Interfaces Evolution
2019-09-18WorkshopRealizability Workshop 2019 (Rencontre de Réalisabilité)
2019-06-17SchoolSummer School in mathematics 2019: Foliations and algebraic geometry
2019-06-28RencontreSystèmes Dynamiques Discrets (Porkroll 2019)
2019-06-24WorkshopIntegrability and Nonlinear Dispersive Equations (Morlet Chair - Tamara Grava)
2019-06-28ColloquiumModèles aléatoires pour la restauration d’images et de vidéos (par Julie DELON)
2019-06-21JournéeNormes d'opérateurs et actions de groupes
2019-06-17ConferenceAspects of Non-Positive and Negative Curvature in Group Theory (ANR DAGGER)
2019-06-10ConferenceProbability and quantum field theory: discrete models, CFT, SLE and constructive aspects
2019-06-10PairsIntegrable Equation with Random Initial Data (Morlet Chair - Tamara Grava)
2019-06-12ConferenceWavelets and Beyond - A celebration for Alexandre Grossmann and Yves Meyer
2019-06-10ConferenceArithmetic, Geometry, Cryptography and Coding Theory (AGC2T 17)
2019-06-14RencontresRencontres de Statistique Avignon-Marseille (7ème édition)
2019-06-13JournéeSystèmes Dynamiques Avignon-Marseille (SDAM 2019)
2019-06-11JournéesJournées AGT 2019
2019-06-11WorkshopInternational Workshop on Wavelets & CFD (SSeMID)
2019-06-06WorkshopMultiphase turbulence and statistical modeling: experiments, simulations and geophysical applications
2019-06-03WorkshopWorkshop on Nash Blow-up and Semple Tower II
2019-06-03ConferenceCrowds: Models and Control (ANR CroCo)
2019-06-03WorkshopLipschitz Geometry of Singularities (LISA 2019)
2019-05-24ColloquiumTransformée de Fourier et intégrales oscillantes de fonctions sous-analytiques (par Georges COMTE)
2019-05-06PairsIntegrable Turbulence (Morlet Chair - Tamara Grava)
2019-04-15SchoolMasterClass du M2MF "Cryptographie et codages à base des courbes et surfaces"
2019-04-08ConferenceIntegrability and Randomness in Mathematical Physics and Geometry (Morlet Chair - Tamara Grava)
2019-03-11SchoolCoulomb Gas, Integrability and Painlevé Equations (Morlet Chair - Tamara Grava)
2019-03-08ColloquiumLe problème du sous-espace invariant (par Sophie GRIVAUX)
2019-02-25ConferenceBall Quotient Surfaces and Lattices


2018-12-14ColloquiumUn lemme d'Interpolation (par Serge CANTAT)
2018-12-11WorkshopGeometry and Arithmetic of Orbifolds (GAO 2018) - Géométrie et Arithmétique des Orbifolds
2018-11-30JournéeMathématiques du Deep Learning
2018-11-26ConferenceBayesian Statistics in the Big Data Era (Morlet Chair Kerrie Mengersen)
2018-11-29JournéeMéthodes numériques pour les plasmas
2018-11-23WorkshopYoung Bayesians and Big Data for Social Good (Morlet Chair Kerrie Mengersen)
2018-11-19WorkshopiTWIST: international Traveling Workshop on Interactions between low-complexity data models and Sensing Techniques (4th edition)
2018-11-15WorkshopProblèmes inverses et domaines associés (6ème édition)
2018-10-21WorkshopLipschitz Geometry of Singularities (LISA 2018)
2018-10-22SchoolMasterclass in Bayesian Statistics (Morlet Chair Kerrie Mengersen)
2018-10-19ColloquiumDe systèmes de particules vers la mécanique des fluides (par Isabelle GALLAGHER)
2018-10-18RencontreSéminaire Méditerranéen de Géométrie Algébrique (SMGA) 2018
2018-10-17JournéesLogique, Homotopie, Catégories - LHC 2018 (GDR IM)
2018-10-11ForumAMUSEC 2018 (Aix-Marseille Forum on Cybersecurity - 3rd edition)
2018-09-28ColloquiumPourquoi publier la correspondance d'Henri Poincaré avec des mathématiciens ? (par Philippe NABONNAND)
2018-09-10ConferenceDiophantine Approximation and Transcendence
2018-08-27ConferenceAdvances in Statistical Mechanics
2018-07-09WorkshopMathematical Perspectives in the Biology and Therapeutics of Cancer
2018-07-03JournéesJournées Ouvertes Biologie, Informatique et Mathématiques (JOBIM 2018)
2018-07-05JournéesJournées d'Analyse (HDR Stéphane Charpentier)
2018-06-29RencontreSystèmes Dynamiques Discrets 2018, à Porquerolles
2018-06-25ConferenceProbability and Biological Evolution
2018-06-28JournéeThéorie des Nombres
2018-06-26JournéeFluides Complexes, Écoulements Granulaires
2018-06-25JournéeSystèmes Dynamiques Avignon-Marseille (SDAM 2018)
2018-06-18ConferenceVector Bundles on Algebraic Curves 2018: Gauge Theory and Complex Geometry
2018-06-18WorkshopBoundaries of Groups (Morlet Chair Genevieve Walsh)
2018-06-22ColloquiumDualities in Mathematics and Physics (by Peter BOUWKNEGT)
2018-06-11School3-Manifolds and Geometric Group Theory (Morlet Chair Genevieve Walsh)
2018-06-14JournéesJournées AGT 2018
2018-06-15ColloquiumComment faire évoluer le système de publication académique en faisant passer l'intérêt des chercheurs devant celui des maisons d'édition ? (par Marie FARGE)
2018-06-12RencontreRealizability Workshop 2018 (Rencontre de Réalisabilité)
2018-06-08RencontresRencontres de Statistique Avignon-Marseille (6ème édition)
2018-05-28WorkshopMaster Class Applied Mathematics CEPS
2018-05-22JournéesAnalyse Appliquée Nice-Toulon-Marseille 2018
2018-05-23WorkshopThe Annual Meeting of LISA: Lipschitz Geometry of Singularities (ANR LISA 2018)
2018-05-22JournéesJournées spéciales "Intelligence Artificielle – Apprentissage Automatique"
2018-05-02RencontreRight-angled Artin groups and their automorphisms (ANR DAGGER)
2018-04-23WorkshopFluctuation-dissipation relations and Einstein relations for stochastic dynamics and random media (ANR MALIN)
2018-03-26WorkshopDynamics of point processes with correlation functions given by explicit formulas
2018-03-30JournéeJournée Mathématiques de l’Aléatoire (ALEA) 2018
2018-03-30ColloquiumComment certaines métriques décrivent-elles la géométrie des domaines de l'espace complexe ? (par Hervé GAUSSIER)
2018-03-12PairsNon-Planar Actions of Groups and Relatively Hyperbolic Poincaré Duality Groups (Morlet Chair Genevieve Walsh)
2018-03-16ColloquiumSur l'écriture d'un nombre réel dans des bases différentes (par Yann BUGEAUD)
2018-03-12ConferenceLes 2 Faces de la Modélisation : Biologie et Mathématique
2018-02-26ConferenceStructure of 3-manifold groups (Morlet Chair Genevieve Walsh)
2018-02-12PairsAcute Triangulations and Lassos (Morlet Chair Genevieve Walsh)
2018-02-19ConferenceGeometry of Groups and 3-manifolds: State of the Art and Perspectives (Thematic Month 2018)
2018-02-22JournéeJournée d’Ouverture du Colloquium Intelligence Artificielle, Machine Learning, Data Science
2018-02-05PairsTree Shifts, Quasi-Similarity and their Applications (Morlet Chair Shigeki Akiyama)
2018-02-12ConferenceKnotted Embeddings in Dimensions 3 and 4 (Thematic Month 2018)
2018-02-05SchoolWinter Braids VIII​ (Thematic Month 2018)
2018-02-05WorkshopWorkshop on Nash Blow-up and Semple Tower
2018-01-29ConferenceRepresentation Spaces, Teichmüller Theory, and their Relationship with 3-manifolds from the Classical and Quantum Viewpoints (Thematic Month 2018)
2018-01-15ConferenceConstant Scalar Curvature Metrics in Kähler and Sasaki Geometry
2018-01-19ColloquiumLes mille et une manières d’Etienne Pardoux de retourner vers le futur en allant et venant entre EDPs et probabilités (par Denis TALAY)


2017-12-18RencontreRencontres de Statistique Mathématique 2017 : Développements récents
2017-12-08ColloquiumDiscrétisation des EDP, de 1910 à nos jours (par Raphaèle HERBIN)
2017-12-04ConferenceTilings and Recurrence (Morlet Chair Shigeki Akiyama)
2017-12-04JournéeJournées d'Analyse et Géométrie complexes en l'honneur de Bernard Coupet
2017-11-27Small groupZero Entropy System (Morlet Chair Shigeki Akiyama)
2017-11-23WorkshopProblèmes inverses et domaines associés (5ème édition)
2017-11-20SchoolTiling Dynamical System (Morlet Chair Shigeki Akiyama)
2017-11-13ColloquiumSystèmes semi-toriques en mécanique classique et mécanique quantique (par San VU NGOC)
2017-11-07RencontreGeolipschitzsi : Géométrie Lipschitz des singularités (GDR 2945)
2017-10-23PairsBernoulli Convolutions and Salem Numbers (Morlet Chair Shigeki Akiyama)
2017-10-23ConferenceDynamiques sur graphes et cartes aléatoires
2017-10-16JournéeMéthodes de changement d'échelles et applications
2017-10-12ForumAMUSEC 2017 (Aix-Marseille Forum on Cybersecurity - 2nd edition)
2017-10-10WorkshopMathematical Feelings of Space
2017-10-11JournéeDétection et ondes gravitationnelles
2017-09-25WorkshopThe Chaotic properties of the point processes
2017-09-29ColloquiumÉdition scientifique : un panorama des évolutions en cours (par Karim RAMDANI)
2017-09-26Congrès21ème Congrès d’Évolution Biologique de Marseille
2017-09-25ConferenceCatégories pour la théorie de l'homotopie et la réécriture
2017-07-03SchoolProbabilités et Systèmes Dynamiques
2017-07-03RencontreClassification des feuilletages de codimension 1 (ANR Foliage)
2017-07-03JournéeSystèmes Dynamiques, Algorithmes & Automates (SDA2 2017)
2017-06-19ConferenceArithmetic, Geometry, Cryptography and Coding Theory (AGC2T-16)
2017-06-22JournéeSystèmes Dynamiques Avignon-Marseille (SDAM 2017)
2017-06-16JournéeJournée Mathématiques de l’Aléatoire (ALEA) 2017
2017-06-11RencontreSur les Systèmes Dynamiques Discrets, à Porquerolles 2017
2017-05-29RencontreCrypto'Puces 2017 : du composant au système communicant embarqué (Entreprises)
2017-05-30JournéeAutour de l’hypothèse homotopique de Grothendieck
2017-05-22ConferenceNombres premiers et suites automatiques : aléa et déterminisme
2017-05-23JournéesAnalyse, Géométrie, Topologie (AGT) 2017
2017-05-21JournéesAnalyse Appliquée Nice-Toulon-Marseille 2017
2017-05-08WorkshopProfinite groups and topology
2017-05-05ColloquiumBig Data: opportunities and challenges for data-driven research (by Ciro CATTUTO)
2017-04-06Small groupQuasi-symmetries for Pfaffian point processes (ERC IChaos)
2017-03-13JournéesMean-Field Days, à Marseille
2017-03-13JournéeJournée annuelle du GT Bioss (2017, 3ème édition)
2017-02-27ConferenceRandom Matrices and Determinantal Process (Thematic Month 2017)
2017-02-20ConferenceNon Uniformly Hyperbolic Dynamical Systems. Coupling and Renewal Theory (Thematic Month 2017)
2017-02-13ConferenceTeichmüller Space, Polygonal Billiard, Interval Exchanges (Thematic Month 2017)
2017-02-06SchoolHomogeneous Spaces, Diophantine Approximation and Stationary Measures (Thematic Month 2017)
2017-01-30SchoolNew Advances in Symbolic Dynamics (Thematic Month 2017)
2017-01-02RencontreRéseaux d’interactions : fondements et applications à la biologie 2017


2016-12-12ConferenceErgodic Theory and its Connections with Arithmetic and Combinatorics (Morlet Chair Mariusz Lemanczyk)
2016-12-05Small groupErgodic Theory and Möbius Disjointness (Morlet Chair Mariusz Lemanczyk)
2016-11-24WorkshopProblèmes inverses et domaines associés (4ème édition)
2016-11-24JournéeJournée spéciale autour de la thèse de Jordan EMME
2016-11-10JournéeRencontre "Formule des Traces Relative, Périodes, Fonctions L et Analyse Harmonique" 2016 (ANR FERPLAY)
2016-11-03WorkshopAsynchronous dynamics of logical models: assessing properties biologically relevant (CoLoMoTo 2016)
2016-11-04ColloquiumJournée en l'honneur de Walter NEUMANN
2016-10-23PairsOn the Stability of Möbius Disjointness in Topological Models (Morlet Chair Mariusz Lemanczyk)
2016-10-17SchoolApplications of Ergodic Theory in Number Theory (Morlet Chair Mariusz Lemanczyk)
2016-10-21ColloquiumJournée à la mémoire de Jean-Christophe YOCCOZ
2016-10-18RencontreSéminaire Méditerranéen de Géométrie Algébrique (SMGA) 2016
2016-10-10Small groupSpectral Theory of Dynamical Systems and Related Topics (Morlet Chair Mariusz Lemanczyk)
2016-10-07ColloquiumJournée en l’honneur de Georges DLOUSSKY : Géométrie Différentielle Complexe et Géométrie Symplectique
2016-10-07JournéeJournée Mathématiques de l’Aléatoire (ALEA) 2016
2016-09-25PairsDynamical Properties of Systems Determined by Free Points in Lattices (Morlet Chair Mariusz Lemanczyk)
2016-09-20Congrès20ème Congrès d’Évolution Biologique de Marseille
2016-09-05Small groupRandom Matrices, Problem of Riemann-Hilbert, Ergodic Theory
2016-09-09ColloquiumJournée ERC IChaos : Matrices Aléatoires (Random Matrices)
2016-08-28Conference25th EACSL Annual Conference on Computer Science Logic 2016
2016-07-04SchoolSchool on Algebraic, Geometric and Probabilistic Aspect of Dynamical Systems and Control Theory
2016-07-12JournéeGéométries des groupes
2016-07-04SchoolSchool of Biology for Students in Mathematics and Computer Scientists
2016-07-01JournéeJournée annuelle du GT Bioss (2016, 2ème édition)
2016-06-25RencontreDynamique à Porquerolles (Porkroll2016, ERC IChaos)
2016-06-27ConferenceSymmetries, Extremal Metrics and Relative K-Stability (ANR EMARKS)
2016-06-13PairsEndoscopy and Gan-Gross-Prasad Conjectures (Morlet Chair - Dipendra Prasad)
2016-06-24RencontreRencontres de Statistique Avignon-Marseille (5ème édition)
2016-06-06ConferenceYet Another Conference on Cryptography YACC 2016
2016-06-01JournéesJournées du GDT Théorie effective des invariants (TEDI-5)
2016-06-02ColloquiumSymétrie miroir pour le plan projectif (par Étienne MANN)
2016-05-23ConferenceRelative Trace Formula, Periods, L-Functions and Harmonic Analysis (Morlet Chair - Dipendra Prasad)
2016-05-16SchoolIntroduction to Relative Aspects in Representation Theory, Langlands Functoriality and Automorphic Forms (Morlet Chair - Dipendra Prasad)
2016-05-17ConferenceNew trends in theoritical and numerical analysis of waveguide
2016-05-08WorkshopAlgebra, Geometry and Topology of Singularities
2016-05-05WorkshopErgodic Theory (ERC IChaos/AMIDEX), Carry-le-Rouet
2016-05-09ConferenceLogical Modelling integrated with experimental datasets
2016-04-22ColloquiumJournée autour du Problème de Plateau
2016-04-04ConferenceNouvelles perspectives sur les équations d’évolution non linéaires
2016-03-29JournéesJournées de réflexion "Modéliser" 2016
2016-03-14PairsDistinction of Representations using Buildings for p-adic Groups (Morlet Chair - Dipendra Prasad)
2016-03-24ForumAMUSEC 2016 (Aix-Marseille Forum on Cybersecurity - 1st edition)
2016-03-14ConferenceCombinatoire des Mots (Combinatorics on Words 2016)
2016-03-15RencontreMathématiques et Sport, quels défis ensemble pour demain ?
2016-02-29SchoolBayesian Statistics and Algorithms (Thematic Month 2016)
2016-02-22SchoolExtremes, Copulas and Actuarial Science (Thematic Month 2016)
2016-02-15ConferenceProcess (Thematic Month 2016)
2016-02-08WorkshopMathematical Statistics and Inverse Problems (Thematic Month 2016)
2016-02-01ConferenceStatistical learning (Thematic Month 2016)
2016-01-18WorkshopFluides compressibles (NS'COMP 2016)
2016-01-11Small groupGeometric Methods and Langlands Functoriality in Positive Characteristic (Morlet Chair - Dipendra Prasad)
2016-01-04Small groupSingularités Chambéry-Marseille-Nice


2015-12-15JournéeOuverture du Projet "Probabilités & Approximations Diophantiennes"
2015-12-07WorkshopPresent challenges of mathematics in oncology and biology of cancer (Math-Cancer 2015)
2015-12-03WorkshopProblèmes inverses et domaines associés (3ème édition)
2015-11-30ConferenceJournées du GDR Analyse Fonctionnelle, Harmonique et Probabilités (GDR AFHP)
2015-11-27JournéeTenseurs et estimation de matrices de covariance
2015-11-09ConferenceContrôle des EDP et applications
2015-10-26ConferenceModuli Spaces in Geometry
2015-10-09WorkshopAtelier de vérification de schémas pour la simulation des modèles diphasiques
2015-10-08RencontreMissing data estimation (GDR ISIS)
2015-10-02RencontreRencontre "Formule des Traces Relative, Périodes, Fonctions L et Analyse Harmonique" 2015 (ANR FERPLAY)
2015-09-28Small groupStein Manifolds, Contact Structures and Knots (Morlet Chair - François Lalonde)
2015-09-21SchoolElliptic Methods and Moduli Spaces (Morlet Chair - François Lalonde)
2015-09-15Congrès19ème Congrès d’Évolution Biologique de Marseille
2015-09-14ConferenceGAGTA-9 : Théorie Géométrique, Asymptotique et Combinatoire des Groupes et Applications
2015-07-13ConferenceImpacts de la Géométrie des Groupes (ANR DiscGroup)
2015-07-02SchoolDynamics and Geometry in the Teichmüller Space
2015-06-29PairsGauge Theory and Complex Geometry (Morlet Chair - François Lalonde)
2015-06-25RencontreDynamique à Porquerolles 2015 (ANR Perturbations)
2015-06-29SchoolReprésentations des groupes en géométrie et dynamique (AMIDEX)
2015-06-29SchoolÉcole de biologie pour étudiants mathématiciens-informaticiens
2015-06-22PairsModuli Space of Symplectic Balls in 4-Manifolds and Packing (Morlet Chair - François Lalonde)
2015-06-26JournéeRencontres de Statistique Avignon-Marseille (4ème édition)
2015-06-24WorkshopThird Workshop on Diffeology
2015-06-25JournéeSystèmes Dynamiques Avignon-Marseille : Ergodicité et représentations des groupes de surfaces
2015-06-22WorkshopTopologie en Petite Dimension (ANR VasKho)
2015-06-15ConferenceProbabilités et Évolution Biologique
2015-06-19JournéeTemps-Fréquence et Non-Stationnarité (TFNS 2015)
2015-06-08Small groupRecent Challenges in Contact Geometry (Morlet Chair - François Lalonde)
2015-06-08SchoolGeometric methods for PDEs and dynamical systems (ANR Weak KAM)
2015-06-01ConferenceModuli Spaces in Symplectic Topology and in Gauge Theory (Morlet Chair - François Lalonde)
2015-05-25PairsAlgebraic Power Series (Morlet Chair - Herwig Hauser)
2015-06-01ConferenceRecent Trends in Geometric Analysis (ANR HAB, ANR NONLOCAL)
2015-05-18ConferenceArithmetic, Geometry, Cryptography and Coding Theory (AGC2T-15)
2015-05-11Small groupNested Subring Conditions (Morlet Chair - Herwig Hauser)
2015-05-04RencontreCrypto'Puces 2015 : du composant au système communicant embarqué (Entreprises)
2015-04-20Small groupApproximation and Combinatorics (Morlet Chair - Herwig Hauser)
2015-04-13WorkshopGeometric and Spectral Analysis
2015-04-15ConferenceDifféologie symplectique
2015-04-03ColloquiumJournée sur les Différents aspects de la vie et de l’œuvre d’Alexandre Grothendieck (videos)
2015-03-31JournéeMarches aléatoires
2015-03-23ConferenceArtin Approximation and Infinite Dimensional Geometry (Morlet Chair - Herwig Hauser)
2015-03-02ConferenceGeometry of Singular Spaces and Maps (Thematic Month 2015)
2015-02-23ConferenceLocal and Global Invariants of Singularities (Thematic Month 2015)
2015-02-16ConferenceReal Singularities and Applications (Thematic Month 2015)
2015-02-09SchoolYoung Researchers in Singularities (Thematic Month 2015)
2015-02-02ConferenceApplications of Artin Approximation in Singularity Theory (Thematic Month 2015)
2015-01-26SchoolIntroduction to Artin Approximation and the Geometry of Power Series Spaces (Morlet Chair - Herwig Hauser)
2015-01-23Workshop30 Years of Wavelets: Impact and Future (Morlet Chair - Hans-Georg Feichtinger)


2014-12-15RencontreRencontres de Statistique Mathématique 2014 : Nouvelles Procédures pour Nouvelles Données
2014-12-08ConferenceColloque international du GDRI LEM2I
2014-12-12JournéeRencontres Didactique & Mathématiques
2014-12-05JournéeOptimisation et Contrôle
2014-11-27WorkshopProblèmes inverses et domaines associés (GdT GOMS)
2014-11-26JournéeAutour des méthodes de Monte-Carlo par Chaînes de Markov (MCMC)
2014-11-17ConferenceColloque MoMaS 2014 (Modélisation Mathématique et Simulations numériques liées à la gestion des déchets nucléaires)
2014-11-10ConferenceÉquations cinétiques
2014-10-27ConferenceFunction Spaces and Harmonic Analysis (Morlet Chair - Hans-Georg Feichtinger)
2014-10-24ColloquiumJournée thématique autour des travaux des quatre récentes médailles Fields
2014-10-20SchoolComputational Harmonic Analysis - with Applications to Signal and Image Processing (Morlet Chair - Hans-Georg Feichtinger)
2014-09-22JournéeAutour des méthodes gloutonnes et de l'apprentissage multi-vues
2014-09-15ConferenceApproximation Diophantienne et Transcendance 2014
2014-09-16Congrès18ème Congrès d’Évolution Biologique de Marseille
2014-09-08RencontreRencontre "Formule des Traces Relative, Périodes, Fonctions L et Analyse Harmonique" 2014 (ANR FERPLAY)
2014-08-25PairsCoorbit Theory and Generalizations - Banach Frames (Morlet Chair - Hans-Georg Feichtinger)
2014-09-03WorkshopComputational Time-Frequency and Coorbit Theory (ANR MétaSon, Morlet Chair - Hans-Georg Feichtinger)
2014-07-14WorkshopPseudo-Randomness in Number Theory (Morlet Chair Igor Shparlinski)
2014-07-07PairsSato-Tate Distributions in Families of Elliptic Curves with Parameters of Arithmetic (Morlet Chair Igor Shparlinski)
2014-07-07SchoolÉcole d'été de Biologie
2014-07-03JournéeDynamique sur le bord de Poisson-Furstenberg et Représentations Unitaires
2014-06-23SchoolTopologie géométrique et quantique en dimension 3 (Session de la SMF)
2014-06-24Conference13th International Symposium on Parallel and Distributed Computing
2014-06-16RencontreAspects Discrets des Systèmes Dynamiques (ANR FAN)
2014-06-09ConferenceYet Another Conference on Cryptography (YACC14)
2014-05-19PairsHilbert Geometries (Morlet Chair - Boris Hasselblatt)
2014-05-19PairsComplex Multiplication and Application to Pairings (Morlet Chair Igor Shparlinski)
2014-05-19ConferenceProgrès récents dans l’analyse mathématique et numérique des problèmes inverses
2014-05-05PairsMoments of Theta and L-Functions (Morlet Chair Igor Shparlinski)
2014-04-14PairsPeriodic Orbits of Contact Anosov Flows on Hyperbolic 3-Manifolds (Morlet Chair - Boris Hasselblatt)
2014-03-24PairsHyperbolic and Parabolic Dynamics (Morlet Chair - Boris Hasselblatt)
2014-03-31Schoolgeomdynmrs14: School on Geometry and Dynamics (Morlet Chair - Boris Hasselblatt)
2014-03-31Congrès42e Congrès National d'Analyse Numérique (CANUM 2014)
2014-03-20RencontreRencontre "Vershik’s Automorphisms, Limits in Ergodic Theory" 2014 (ANR VALET)
2014-03-17JournéeJournée d'équations aux dérivées partielles
2014-03-03PairsWeak Contact Flows and Transverse Rigidity (Morlet Chair - Boris Hasselblatt)
2014-03-03SchoolOn the Conjectures of Lang and Vojta (Thematic Month 2014)
2014-02-24WorkshopFrobenius distributions on curves (II) (Thematic Month 2014, Morlet Chair Igor Shparlinski)
2014-02-17SchoolFrobenius distributions on curves (I) (Thematic Month 2014, Morlet Chair Igor Shparlinski)
2014-02-10WorkshopPrime numbers : new perspectives (Thematic Month 2014)
2014-02-03ConferenceUnlikely Intersections (Thematic Month 2014, Morlet Chair Igor Shparlinski)
2014-01-06Schoolgeowalks2014: IHP trimester on random walks and asymptotic geometry of groups


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